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SDSU Mechatronics Obstacle Questions

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  • SDSU Mechatronics Obstacle Questions

    Hello, this is Adam Loeffler from SDSU Mechatronics,

    We have had a few questions about some of the obstacles.

    For the Dice, will we know what what dice are in the water before our run or will we not know until the sub sees the dice?

    What is the purpose of the extra red "arm" on the entry gate? Is this just to help identify which one is red and black if the colors can not be differentiated?

    When doing the qualification run, are we allowed to do a 'trial run' with the tether connected?

    When will dimensions for the Golf Ball dispenser be posted?

    These are some questions we have for right now, I'm sure we will have more in the future! Thank you very much!

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    Adam Loeffler

    The Red arm is there to help you determine the Red/Black side. With the orange vertical posts, I was concerned that it might be difficult to determine the Red from the Black side, so, hopefully, the addition of the vertical red will make it a little easier. The material used for the vertical section is the same material that is covering the horizontal bar.

    There will always be a 1, 2, 5 and 6 faced dice in the water. You won't know the position of each until you arrive at TRANSDEC, and I will change all of that for the semi-finals and finals.

    Qualification run:
    Of course! At any time during your practice slot, you may ask a member of the technical staff to observer your qualifying run. Everything attached to the sub must go underwater. Once you have successfully finished your qualifying run, you can switched back to tethered runs.

    Buy Chips:
    Good question! I'm not in charge of that task, so I will pester that person some more for dimensions.
    The push plate is 8" (20.3 cm) in diameter. Currently, the main vertical tube is 4" PVC