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  • Presentation and Appendix

    Is there any specific format and time limitation for the presentation? There isn't a point breakdown, but is listed both on the website and in Mission and Scoring Document

    Also, what do you want in the Appendix A regarding vehicle component description. Just the table, detailed paragraphs, or anything else?
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    That information _should_ be on the RoboSub site, but I don't see it there. Let me ask about that.


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      Is there any updates on where we can find information on the presentation?

      Thank you.


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        Hi ETS,

        We have acquired some further information on what the judges are looking for in the presentation!

        Format: There is not a specific format that your presentation needs to be -- A/V available

        Time Limitation: Teams must be in place 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time.
        Presentations - 15 minutes
        Q & A - 5 minutes
        Staging - 5 minutes

        In your presentation, briefly address the following questions in any convenient format:
        • How was your system engineered to achieve your competition goals?
        • Were trade-offs between system complexity and system reliability considered?
        • What do you consider to be your most creative design achievement?
        • What did you learn from your in-water testing?
        • Who were your primary supporters and how did they contribute?


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          Perhaps this info should be added to the Mission and Scoring document (if not for this year, but for future years).


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            Eric @UF excellent suggestion. We will definitely take that into consideration. Thank you for your feedback.


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              Eric @UF, Hitesh Patel

              Actually, we removed it from the written Rules (and renamed those Mission and Scoring) because we were having conflicts and confusion between the PDF version of the rules (old, stale) and the RoboSub website (fresh). It was located on the RoboSub website. Some things were moved to the Dropbox, so something might have fallen through the cracks.


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                Regarding the presenters, how many team members should present? and will you please explain how the static judging is conducted? is it conducted through the presentation only?