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    There was talk about the qualifying video needing to show the sub going through the fixed gate AND then around some fixed marker? Can we scale things down a little, because of pool size limitations? Also, can you describe the fixed marker about which we should circle. What is the minimum dimensions for the distance to gate, distance to marker, gate width, and what is the marker shape and dimensions? Any chance that the deadline of Monday, July 9th can be extended (perhaps to Monday, July 16th)?
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    There's another thread which discusses the pre-qualifying video (in case you haven't seen it).

    Since we have all ready had teams submit videos based on the current dimensions, we can't scale down the requirements. What are the limitations you are working with?


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      Our problem was that the larger pools that were needed to meet the competition specification were not going to be available by the old deadline. With the extended deadline, we should have no problem with the specifications that are now available. Thanks!


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        In that case, I'm very glad it worked out.