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RoboSub 2018 Pinger (Teledyne Benthos ALP-365)

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  • RoboSub 2018 Pinger (Teledyne Benthos ALP-365)

    We have recently performed benchmarks on the competition pinger (Teledyne Benthos ALP-365) and we have realised a couple of unideal properties on the acoustic waveform emitted. The ALP-365 pinger was benchmarked alongside the Applied Acoustics 219A with the same setting in the lab, and the attached files reflect the waveforms sampled directly from the same hydrophone.

    It can be clearly seen that the acoustic waveform from the ALP-365 is highly asymmetrical and does not reflect a single tone sinusoidal wave, compared to the AA-219A. From our testing, the effect of such unidealities was even more apparent at the direction where the pinger is pointing at. Hence, this could severely affect the accuracy of the DOA upon approaching the pinger during the competition. This was seen on both of our new acquired ALP-365 pingers, and thus we would like check whether the pingers that will be used during the competition also reflect such behaviour.

    Thank you.
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    These are a few snapshots from the csv files provided.


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      Thanks for information and the snapshots (I was trying to generate these, but this is much easier).

      Since you've seen this behavior on both of your new ALP pingers, I would assume that the same behavior also exists in the competition pingers. We can try to capture this during the competition.


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        Thanks Daveman. haha yes we figured CSV was a bad format to share here :P We were hoping to get a comparison on this and whether we needed to tune specially for this degraded pinger type performance. We have also gone ahead to drop the same email to teledyne benthos to enquire on their pinger performance.

        One other thing we noticed about the ALP-365 pinger was that at lower power, the pingers had better acoustic waveform performance.


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          I'm sure we'd all be interested in hearing what Teledyne has to say.

          Interesting about lower power. I'll see if I can get some time to do some testing @ TRANSDEC


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            That being said....we're not reccomending you to do low power for us until we get to test things out


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