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Pre-Qualifying Maneuver Video (NEW information available!)

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  • Pre-Qualifying Maneuver Video (NEW information available!)

    Need more information on the requirements for the Pre-Qualifying Maneuver Video? Please see below for specifics that need to be included in this video.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2018 RoboSub_Pre-Qualifying Maneuver.jpg Views:	1 Size:	45.7 KB ID:	509

    Extended Deadline: JULY 23, 2018

    Submit by July 23, 2018 to qualify prior to the competition. Upload your video to your Team Dropbox Folder and send a short email to Julianna Smith at to notify us your video is ready for review. Your team will receive feedback following your submission.

    Note: No extra points will be awarded for submitting this video before competition. The order you submit your qualifying video will result in the order your team will choose your time slot at competition.

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    Here's the write up about per-qualification, which will be in version 1.5 of the rules, to be released soon

    Vehicle Pre-qualification

    Before the start of the competition, teams may elect to pre-qualify their vehicle. The vehicle that is used to pre-qualify must also be the vehicle that will be entered into the competition. A team that successfully completes the pre-qualification will not be required to qualify on-site during the practice days of the competition (see Qualification Runs below).

    The pre-qualification course consists of two pieces: a horizontal Gate and a vertical Marker (see Figure 2). The Gate is 6.6 ft (2m) in length and is positioned 3.3 ft (1m) below the surface of the water. The Gate can be any diameter and any color the team chooses. The Gate can be anchored to the floor by any means necessary (using PVC elbows to create two vertical legs, line on each end to moor the Gate to the floor, etc.). The vertical Marker can be any diameter and any color the team chooses. It will be positioned 33 ft (10m) beyond the Gate and must touch the floor and break the surface of the water.

    The pre-qualification maneuver consists of starting the vehicle 9.8 ft (3m) behind the Gate. It must be a fully autonomous run, and everything attached to the vehicle must submerge with the vehicle (nothing floating on the surface). The vehicle must, autonomously, pass through the Gate, circle around the Marker and pass back through the gate.

    The team must record the entire run from start to finish with not breaks in the video. This will be submitted to Competition technical staff for evaluation. The team will be told if they have successfully pre-qualified. If a team does not pre-qualify, they will be told the reason why, and they may submit another video as long as the deadline for the submission has not expired.

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