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ALP365 Actual waveforms

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  • ALP365 Actual waveforms

    Can any of the teams that purchased the ALP365 last year send me the actual acoustic waveforms that are produced for the 4 different frequencies (25kHZ,30kHZ,35kHZ & 40kHZ)? i need them for testing and simulation, i don't have the pinger and i only rely on ideal data present in the datasheet (which might not be accurate).
    Thanks in advance!

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    We might have something like that, let me look into it.


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      Thank you, your help would be appreciated.


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        Same request here.
        That would be great if I can have the waveform.


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          I don't have all frequencies present, but I do have logs from various hydrophone testing I've been conducting. Are you looking for a particular hydrophone arrangement, or would any suffice? You will definitely see different results than the pinger specifications due to multipath from the environment.

          If you are interested please give me a way to upload the files to you, they can be quite large when sampling rate is considered. I'll include matlab scripts to open read the logged data.


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            Stephen Cronin
            ​​​​​​​I'm looking into the USBL arrangement of 4 hydrophones, one at the origin and the other 3 lie at equivalent distances from the origin hydrophone on the 3 basic axes, and please send them to my personal email, if they're quite large they could be sent as a google drive link.
            Thank you very much!
            (P.S. if you don't have that arrangement, it's okay, send any available arrangement)