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Pneumatic actuation of manipulation kits

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  • Pneumatic actuation of manipulation kits

    Are pneumatic lines coming from the surface down to the AUV allowed in the competition, or the AUV has to have its own pressurized tank installed within? i figured pneumatic lines would be extremely long, and any connection between the vehicle and the surface maybe prohibited, so if someone would kindly confirm this case i'd be thankful.

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    this is a topic that our team wonder too. Also, we would like to know if compressed CO2 cylinders are allowed or not.


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      I don't think pneumatic lines will be allowed. From the 2018 rules:
      See part 7.3.2:
      "During a qualifying, semi-final or final run, each vehicle must operate autonomously during its run. While carrying out the mission, no communication is permitted between the vehicle and any person or off-board computer. Vehicles must operate solely on their ability to sense and maneuver in the arena using on-board resources. When performing a qualifying, semi-final or final run, everything attached to the vehicle must be submerged with the vehicle. Any part that breaks the surface is considered a breach. During practice days and practice runs, buoys may be used on the surface for communication."


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        berke-itu, I think that teams have used compressed air in the past; see
        Also, according to point 7.3.5 of the 2018 rules, "No materials (except for the markers/torpedoes and compressed air) may be released by the vehicle into the waters of the arena". This implies to me that CO2 is fine, but I would like to get confirm this.


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          Compressed air (or other gas) is allowed on the sub. As timcedar paraphrased, everything attached to the vehicle must submerge for your semi and finals runs. Therefor you can not have lines that run from your vehicle out to the surface (and anyways, it would probably be a logistics nightmare).

          If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.