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2019 Robosub Tasks And Rules

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  • 2019 Robosub Tasks And Rules

    hello everyone,

    This is our first year as ITU AUV Team. We want to learn that when Robosub 2019 tasks and rules are announced. We think there is a delay for that. Thanks for the answers.

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    Hi berke-itu,

    The RoboSub rules and tasks will be released soon! Be sure to watch this forum for the release in the coming weeks.

    Looking forward to meeting your team!


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      RoboNation Any updates on the competition rules?


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        Hello Robosub! Is there a date when the detailed rules will be released. We are trying to trying to prepare for the mission, but it is difficult without the rules....Thanks!


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          Ledge preliminary detailed rules will be published once we receive feedback on the task ideas. I know it is not the answer you are looking for, but we have to go through this process to identify any issues before Daveman dawns his Dracula cape and starts designing the course.

          To get your software team started, here is what I suggest.

          1. Review the Mission and Scoring Document from previous years. This information is available (by year) on the RoboSub website (link below).
          2. You can also browse the Technical Design Reports (previously know as Journal Papers) and get an idea of the unique ways teams approach a problem. Some teams even open-source their code so that should be of some help.

          Additionally, I request that you take a few minutes to participate in the feedback call and let us know your thoughts on this task idea document.

          Please let me know how I may of be additional help. Thank you


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            You are correct about the answer I was looking for. Seems like thr rules are coming out very late this year... I have been out of Robosub for three years... Thanks anyway and we will be on the call.