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    Hello teams, I am helping to find my lead programmer Diana Lee some simulators that teams made so she can make her own. Please contact me if you can help or point the way. I will connect you two. Thanks! Desert WAVE, Women in Autonomous Vehicle Engineering, ASU Polytechnic

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    Hi Ledge,

    A very common underwater simulator that I have seen being used is the UWSim : This simulator integrates with ROS which makes it very useful! If I am not mistaken the Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project at University of Alberta uses this Simulator with some modifications to develop their LQR controller.

    Here is a video they did with me :



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      Thank you Connell, I have passed this on to Diana Lee and I pointed her to this post and asking her to become a member...Do you know any teams that have made models of the Transdec facility that she can use?


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        I have seen a few teams, during their design presentations over the last couple of years, show off TRANSDEC models. I am sure some of the teams will be able to help you with that.

        That being said, I do not think an accurate representation of the TRANSDEC facility is as important as having a good quality, parameterized model of your sub especially for a first time team. I see a lot of teams sometimes getting lost with bells and whistles which often leads to incomplete or undocumented designs.


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          Thanks again Connell. I convinced my programmer to register with this forum.


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            Our team is also considering to use UW Sim and is also looking for a basic TRANSDEC model to test underwater navigation and object identification.

            Are there any teams willing to share their model? dianaleeg and Ledge did you ever find a workable model?



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              We have not found a workable model yet...