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  • 2019 Tasks

    2019 RoboSub Tasks

    original post: 2/17/2019
    last updated: 3/3/2019

    This first post will always be kept up to date, based on discussions we have on this thread.
    So, you'll just have to stop here to see any changes (always check the update date).

    If you feel I've missed anything, please mention it.

    • One from gate to buoy
    • One from buoy to ... ("Garlic drop" or "Stake through heart")
    • One at the other task not pointed to by the path
    • One at the octagon

    Enter into the Relm
    1. From the dock, a team may point their vehicle in any direction they wish.
    2. Bonus: Coin toss
      1. Heads (90°). Vehicle is perpendicular to the dock (front of vehicle points toward the "center" of the pool).
      2. Tails (180°). Tail of vehicle points toward Gate.

    1. Same gate that we've used for many years.
    2. Orange color on the vertical legs
    3. No color on the horizontal portion (well, it's black PVC)
    4. Gate will be divided
      1. 40% / 60%
      2. 1/2" PVC pipe suspended vertically (2 ft?) (also colored orange?) via zip ties, so a vehicle can easily push it away.
      3. Standard points for passing under the divider
      4. More points for passing through the 60% side / Max points for passing through the 40% side
    5. Style points (max 4)
      1. For every different 90° change (90° pitch down and back to 0° is one change in direction).
      2. More points for Pitch/Roll rotation verses Yaw rotation
      3. Need to think about rotation while translating.

    1. Two buoys
      1. One flat (in vertical direction) with image of Jiangshi (on both sides)
      2. One has three sides (triangle viewed from the top) with images of 3 different creatures (not Jiangshi)
        1. Sides: Draugar, Tagalog Mandurugo, Vatalas (pending good images)
      3. Triangular "buoy" will have a slow, constant rotation
      4. Call a creature you wish to touch on the triangular buoy,
      5. Points for touching any buoy (flat or triangular), Most points for touching the called creature on the triangle.

    Bin (Garlic drop)
    1. Two bins side by side (same size as last year).
      1. One is always covered, the other is always open
      2. One will have a bat silhouette, the other will have a wolf (colors: orange / yellow ? [not red])
    2. The cover can be slid side-to-side by a lever. Moving the arm to the left will uncover the right bin, and cover the left bin
    3. Points for dropping garlic (marker) into the open bin. Most points for sliding the cover and dropping garlic into the previously closed bin
      1. Points / garlic. Drop two into a bin, get 2x the points.

    Torpedo (Stake through heart)
    1. Two windows; one small covered and one uncovered large
      1. Slide door to open up heart window
      2. Potential: slider (left to right) decapitates head (and uncovers heart).

    Octagon (Expose to sunlight)
    1. Octagon floating on the surface
    2. Grab vampire (PVC stick figure) from casket (rectangular box) and bring to the surface (inside the Octagon)
    3. Potential: Two caskets: One open, one closed
      1. An easy way (TBD) to open the latch of the closed casket and the lid floats open
      2. Question: more points for picking up both vampires.

    1. Place other objects (crosses, garlic, etc.) at the gate and the buoys which can be picked up and used at bins and octagon.

    As always, I'm open to all suggestions.

    bleh bleh-bleh

    Let's get this party started!!!
    Last edited by Daveman; 03-03-2019, 11:38 AM.

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    hmmmm.... No comments? That doesn't seem right..

    tap, tap, tap... Is this thing on...?


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      Ok I will start! For the bins don't use red. We prefer orange of yellow


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        Also do you know or think you know when the final rules with point assignments will be made programmers are asking me to prod you for this info.


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          For the garlic drop: will we get more points for dropping two garlics? The current rules make it sound like we only get points for dropping a single garlic into either bin.


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            Ledge Copy: no yellow
            You should have your programmers prod me themselves. I'm hoping to have things "finished" (always open to slight modifications) by the end of March.

            It will be points / garlic. So when you drop two bulbs of garlic into the previously covered bin, you will get 2x the points.


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              Thanks Dave I will have them prod you from now on...


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                Good evening Daveman,

                With regards to the Octagon task, I have a few questions:
                ​​​​​​​1) I am confused as to how the latch mechanism will be implemented. Will the mechanism be a rotate to unlatch or slide to unlatch?
                2) Will the vampire be made of the standard 1/2" diameter PVC piping?
                3) For the actual task, will both of the vampires need to be brought into the sunlight at the same time, or will the other notice and flee before we return to vanquish it?