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Competition Day Logistics

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  • Competition Day Logistics

    Hey Everyone!

    We're a new team and I had some questions about the competition that I was hoping some more experienced teams could answer.

    First of all, how to teams go about carrying their robots around during the competition? I've noticed some teams use carts to move their robots around, like the Foldit Utility Cart. Does anyone have recommendations on what to buy and where to buy it?

    Also for the competition what do teams tend to bring in terms of tools and spare parts for working on and doing fixes to their robots? Are there any common problems other teams have faced that we should anticipate while testing or competing?

    On that note, we've also noticed teams using some sort of screen protector/shade on their computers during the competition. I assume possibly to reduce glare, heating, or damage, but what exactly are those and what do they do? Should we purchase some and if so where have other teams bought theirs?

    Thank you guys so much, any help would be appreciated.

    We're looking forward to competing this year!

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    The most common way is to have two to four people carry the AUV back and forth from the pit to the staging area. There are other ways as well. but this is what I have observed as the most common. There are usually hand holds on these AUVs, so you might consider that. The ground is not uniform, and is gravel is some areas. A cart might have issues depending on the size of the wheels. Hope that helps!


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      Hello Eze and Welcome to the RoboSub life

      The utility carts are provided from teams to use on-site. However, we only have a limited number of them, and if they are available, they can be tough to maneuver in the gravel (around some team tents and course). Depending on the size of your vehicle, a small garden/utility cart might work (see attached image). As a new team (or even for some returning teams), think about how to secure the vehicle to your cart when maneuvering (or even sitting in the tent). Having a few team members carrying it might work as well, a lot of teams do that. In the end, it is really up to you.

      Depending on the design of your vehicle, it is always good to being a mechanics tool set, electronics tool set, testing and debugging equipment and many others (hard to find a solid answer on this). During testing or competition, I have often seen issues such as water intrusion, thermal problems, rouge Sub's, and many others. Make sure you test and test and test and when all seems well, test some more. The more testing time you have, the better prepared you will be.

      Teams use screen/protectors to prevent glare (depending on course and position of the Sun). You are welcome to purchase one if you would like but it is not a competition requirement. There are plenty of options online (just look for "sun shade for laptop" or something similar).

      Please let me know if you have any more questions. Looking forward to seeing you at competition (or on a future video call). The RoboSub community will benefit from your questions so thank you for taking the time to post them.


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        Welcome Eze !

        Sun shade: In a pinch, a towel thrown over the person using the lap top or a cardboard box sun shade also works. We provide shade at each of the four launch positions, but glare is always a problem when you're outside in the sun.

        As well as handles, don't forget to put mounting points on your Sub so that we can secure it with a harness and hoist it in and out of the water.