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2019 RoboSub Video Call #3

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  • 2019 RoboSub Video Call #3

    Hello Teams,

    RoboNation will be hosting a video call on 05/14/2019 at 9:00 pm EST (GMT -4). Please use the link (at the bottom of the post) to translate this time to your local timezone.

    Additional information and link for this call was sent (as a calendar invite) to registered team leads and alternate team leads. If you are a registered team lead or alternate team lead and did not receive this, kindly send me a private message on the Forum and I will send it to you.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your time and interest.

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    • Discuss the tasks
      • Pickup
        • Colors and shape
      • Slay Vampires
        • No changes
      • Drop Garlic
        • The arm/sliding cover
        • Color for the arm of the lever, color for the cover?
      • Stake through heart
        • Orange lever
      • Expose to Sunlight
        • Open coffin
        • Closed coffin
    • Team Submissions
      • Team info
      • Technical
      • Pre-qualification
    • Hotel for Robosub 2019
      • Link on Forum
    • Open questions
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      Topics discussed / Questions answered
      (let me know if I missed anything)
      • Gate
        • 1 RED Garlic and 1 GREEN Cruciform will be located near the vertical portions of the gate. There is no defined left side and right side (i.e. Garlic may be located either near the left or the right vertical of the gate.
        • The 2" ORANGE vertical PVC pipe will be zip tied to the horizontal portion of the gate. This will allow it to swing freely if a vehicle bumps into it.
        • The 40% zone and 60% zone will vary (left vs right side).
      • Drop Garlic
        • The image of the bat or wolf will be at the bottom of the bin
        • The lever handle will be ORANGE (open to suggestions) similar to Stake through Heart
        • Request to have a checkerboard pattern for the sliding lid
          • need votes on colors (more to follow)
      • Stake through Heart
        • Task will be facing bins. This allows an easier way to find/attempt from the octagon
        • Slider modification requested.
          • need votes on final configuration (more to follow)
      • Expose to Sunlight
        • Center of vampire is PURPLE (open to suggestions).