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  • Submissions & Deadlines

    2019 RoboSub Teams,

    Each team lead should have received an email with the link to create their Submittable account. This form needs to be filled out as soon as possible, so your team can receive the next steps for submitting your Team Information and Technical Submissions.

    Instructions and guidelines for your submissions: download here!

    If you haven't received the link yet, please reach out to Julianna Smith at [email protected].

    Team Information | DUE June 24, 2019Technical Submissions | DUE July 8, 2019Pre-Qualification | DUE July 15, 2019
    • Vehicle Pre-Qualification Video

    RoboNation Youth Protection Policy,
    NEW THIS YEAR -- RoboNation has developed and implemented a Youth Protection Policy in an effort to provide a safe environment for our youth, chaperones, staff and volunteers. In order to accomplish this goal, all team members attending a RoboNation competition must read the RoboNation Youth Protection Policy (YPP) and complete the signed YPP Acknowledgement Form.

    In addition, any team bringing a minor student (under the age of 18) to the competition must adhere to the following requirements:
    • Teams containing minors must have a minimum of 1 registered chaperone /maximum of 5 registered chaperones.
    • Registered chaperones must accompany minors at all times during the competition and are responsible for the minors in their charge while on-site at the competition, team orientation, award’s party, and at the hotel.
    • All registered chaperones must complete a background check, paid for by RoboNation.
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    I had a question about Appendix A of the TDR:
    Are we supposed to make our own version of that table with only the challenges we are attempting, fill it out, and add that as Appendix A? Or do we use that exact copy of the table, fill it out, and attach as Appendix A?

    If the former, could the original doc version be shared to save everyone reduplicating? If the latter, could we fill it in by hand, scan, and attach or do you prefer something more formal?

    Thank you!


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      Hi djd137, you can fill the table in by hand, scan it and save it in your full TDR document.

      Thank you for asking!


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        We forgot to submit our liability waiver due to some reasons. Can we do it now and what will be the consequences?


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          Hi Piyush.Jain,

          You need to complete this form first: Once you've completed this first form you will receive further instructions on completing your Team Information.

          Since the due date has passed, we will need your team to fill this out as soon as you can. Let us know if you run into any issues!



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            If we submitted the wrong version of our technical report, is it possible to re-upload it?


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              amv64 Yes! I have opened your Technical Submissions form for editing. Please upload the correct file your team would like to submit.

              Thanks for letting us know!


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                Awesome, thanks so much


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                  If we have two vehicles we need to pre-qualify how do you want us to submit both videos?


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                    amv64, please use the updated form I just sent your team in Submittable! This form should allow you to upload multiple videos to qualify both vehicles.