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Borrowed a Soldering Iron and didn't give it back

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  • Borrowed a Soldering Iron and didn't give it back

    Hi everyone,

    I am Amr from ASmarine, Egypt. Hope everybody got home safely. I wish I can go back in time to re-experience it all. It was very nice meeting all the teams and the sponsors and making all those new friends.I figured there is nothing more exciting than meeting like-minded people with the same interests and passion. Thank you robonation and thank you to everyone in this amazing community.

    Unfortunately, during the competition we borrowed a soldering iron from one of the teams and forgot to give it back and I can't remember which team it was. If your soldering iron is baby-blue and missing let me know and we will figure out a way to send it to you or maybe send you money for a new one. sorry for the inconvenience, I was carried away by all the technical problems we faced and forgot to return the iron.

    Amr Abdelghany

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    Hi Amr,
    I believe the soldering iron belonged to our team, AVBotz. It's no big deal, you guys can just keep it.

    Daniel Zhou