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Seeking alternatives to MacArtney for wet-mate connectors

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  • Seeking alternatives to MacArtney for wet-mate connectors

    Hey, everyone, member from The Ohio State University's robosub team.

    I've currently been experiencing communication issues with MacArtney and long lead times for wet-mate connectors, so my team is interested in other distributors or suppliers. What have other teams been using for 8-contact or ethernet connections?

    Any assistance on this matter would be extremely appreciated.

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    Even if you decide to go with a different manufacturer, underwater cables and connectors almost always have a long lead time. That being said, please see a few other alternatives below (sorry, they are not hyperlinked).

    If the above links are helpful, please report back accordingly so others may benefit from this. Happy searching.


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      I can suggest you contact Ocean Innovations Tel 858 454 4044 they are MacArtney distributor and can offer suggestions for alternatives.

      The connector world is currently long lead times and frustrating !

      Good Luck


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        Our team's experience with the best bang for your buck is:
        (starting in the sub) Ethernet 8 wire -> Fathom-X -> 2 wire -> detachable LPC -> splice to Fathom slim tether -> (on surface) Fathom-X -> Ethernet 8 wire -> router

        Here's why this configuration is great:
        - the fathom is meant for underwater comms, (I'm a software engineer) I think it has something to do with counteracting capacitances in the water. All I know is when we were running ethernet through the water 2 years ago, it was not uncommon for us to experience dropouts and significant lags. When using the fathoms this almost never happens
        - the neutrally bouyant slim tether means that you won't need floaties attached to your ethernet tether and/or you'll do less tether management because your tether isn't sinking to the bottom of the pool
        - cost of this setup, assuming 75m of tether, is around $400 and you'll probably have <2 weeks of lead time

        Here's the links to the parts if you're interested
        Fathom X:
        Fathom Slim Tether:
        Detachable LPC:

        BlueTrail is a company that just started up near us in Boulder CO and my perspective is between them and Bluerobotics you can get the bulk of everything you need for AUV's
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