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  • Multiple AUV scoring questions


    We had a few questions about the scoring process when utilizing multiple vehicles.

    1. In the semi-finals, how are multi-AUV scores calculated? Section 7.4.6 (from the 2019 rules) says: "The scores are based on the last run of each vehicle", but that does not describe the calculation process.

    2. In the Finals, is the final score calculated using the best mission score for each AUV (e.g. the best torpedo mission score + the best dropper mission score + etc) or using the best single total AUV score?

    3. How is the time bonus calculated when multiple AUVs are involved? Do all AUVs have to do the minimum tasks to earn a time bonus (e.g. both have to touch a buoy, drop a marker or fire a torpedo and then surface in the octagon)?

    Thank you!

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    ...sorry about the slow reply, work has been kicking my butt.

    1. Each vehicle is counted separately, except where there's a collection task. For each task, the best score from either vehicle is used in the score. For example, on the last run for each vehicle, both completed Task B. Vehicle 1 gets a score of 400 pts, and Vehicle 2 gets a score of 600 pts. 600 pts are awarded for that task.

    For a collection task, it's the total from each run. So if Vehicle 1 drops 1 marker into a bin, and Vehicle 2 drops 2 markers into a bin, and the limits is 2 markers, then you'll get the score for two markers.

    2. The best single total AUV score for each vehicle. Again, if each vehicle completes a task, then the best score for that task is used.

    3. A vehicle must complete the required tasks in order to obtain a time bonus (based on the time remaining for that run). So to answer your question, yes each vehicle must touch a buoy, drop a marker or fire a torpedo and surface in the octagon in order to get time points.

    Hopefully that makes things a little clearer, if not please don't hesitate to ask more questions.