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  • High School eligibility?


    I'm a high school student looking to perhaps start a RoboSub team, but I have some questions that I was hoping y'all could answer.

    Though RoboSub appears to be open to high school teams, a majority of the competitors are colleges - in fact, the only winners I could find were college teams. Is there a separate high school category, or would we be going toe-to-toe with college teams?

    Additionally, in other RoboNation programs such as SeaPerch, there are regional competitions which act as qualifying rounds. Is this the case with RoboSub, or do we just show up in San Diego with an ROV?



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    terminalvelocit3 Thank you for your interest in RoboSub.

    RoboSub competition does allow high school entries but there is no separate high school category for the competition. You would be competing against other high schools (with some middle school students) and college teams from around the world.

    RoboSub does not have regional competitions, and the competition only takes place in San Diego.

    Hope this answers your questions. Please reach out to me if you have follow on questions. Will send my email through private message.


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      Awesome, and welcome!

      One correction, you'll show up in San Diego with a UUV