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  • Past Technical Reports?

    The new website is looking awesome! Unfortunately, I can't find all the teams' technical reports from previous years that were posted on the old site. They were super interesting and helpful to read through, will they be coming back soon?

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    It does look awesome! And still a wonderful work in progress. I suspect in no time at all, you'll one again be able to fine past reports.


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      batkins Glad it's to your liking! You absolutely can find all the past years' technical reports -- they're just in a slightly different place!

      Head to the website ( and hover over the Resources menu item, selecting the "Past Programs" page ( Once you are here you can either scroll to the year you'd like to revisit or select it from the dropdown menu. Once you have found the year you'd like to view, click the title (for 2018, click "2018 RoboSub"). This will direct you to a page summarizing that year's competition, including details, final standings, rules, AND the all the teams' reports!
      (We are working on the 2019 page, but it should be up this week!)

      If you are still having trouble finding it, please let me know and I can provide more guidance. Thanks for visiting the website and using its resources!


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        very sneaky!
        I like it.


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          Julianna Smith Ooh, I didn't catch that. Thank you for the instructions and the resources!


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            batkins Of course! Happy to help.


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              batkins The 2019 reports are now available!