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Tip for recrimp connector on TC4013 hydrophone

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  • Tip for recrimp connector on TC4013 hydrophone

    Hi, I am from team Sonia and we where wondering if someone who’s using the TC4013 Hydrophone from Teledyne could share their tip to cut and recrimp a connector.
    We are currently using SMA connector but we considering using BNC connector.

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    eric13 any reason you cannot use an adapter to go from SMA to BNC?

    I would encourage you to reach out to Teledyne product support team to ensure cutting and recrimping is not going to negatively impact the performance of your hydrophones.


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      1. We will look for sma to bnc adapter
      2. We already have reached out the support and they tell us not to cut but we need to purchase 25 hydrophones to get a cable with length for our need and we cannot afford to have 4 hydrophone cable of 6m running in the submarine.


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        DigiKey sells lots of SMA to BNC adapters. Just make sure you double check what you need before purchasing it (SMA vs RP-SMA, etc.)


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          If you do go with a cut-and-crimp approach, please let us know if you find any useful info on how to do it!