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    I'm a new participant in RoboSub, and I was wondering if this year there were points awarded for having multiple vehicles completing the tasks like in previous years.

    If that is the case, do we get twice the points if we have two vehicles completing a task (i.e. going through the gate), or is it simply the case that each vehicle can accomplish a different task and the points will be accumulated? If that is the case, is the bonus points for having multiple vehicles only the IVC points?

    Thank you!

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    There will be points for multiple vehicles, but it's not as simple as doubling the points for tasks. The points accumulated depend on the task.

    If it's a single task, the points are awarded based on the run.
    I.e. buoys:
    If one vehicle touches only one buoy, but the second vehicle touches two buoys, you would get the points for that task associated with touching two buoys.

    If it's an accumulation task, the points are awarded based on the items accumulated and the max allowed.
    I.e. bins:
    If one vehicle drops one marker in a bin, and the second vehicle drops two markers in the same bin and the max allowed it two markers, you would get points for two markers in the bin.

    There are more things to consider, but I don't want this initial post to get too long or too confusing. I'm happy to go into more detail if necessary.