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    Hi Dave,
    We've been playing with some ideas for the bottle, do you think it might look something like this?
    Parts (all 1/2" PVC) include:
    - 8" tube x4
    - 4" tube x1
    - 2" tube x8
    - Elbow x8
    - 4-way cross x1
    - 5-way splitter x1
    Color would of course be chosen by the community. Let us know what you think!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bottle.png
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      There are two path segments.
      • One is positioned at the gate and points to the buoys.
      • One is positioned at the buoys and points to...
      • These will be straight lines (not "bent" like previous years).
      Curious as to why Robosub decided to go back to straight paths.


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        Hasan Akpunar
        Sorry... I do have a collection for some, but not for all. My weekends have been slammed trying to catch up on my day job.

        Caltech Robotics Team
        That is essentially what I was thinking for the 3D version. I may try to do something different than the 5-way at the top (those aren't very common).

        The bent pieces weren't really long enough to really get a sense that the vehicle was actually following the bend. The current thought is these would just be used to get from point A to point B and there won't be any points associated with "following" them.


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          If you haven't noticed...

          There are separate posts to vote on the images to be used for the competition.
          Vote now!