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    Hi all, hope everyone is doing as well. Here with a bit of a strange question.

    With the craziness that's been going on, we only have a couple of team members near campus, and we have little to no access to our lab or the pool we usually test in. We may be able to get our robot to another pool, but it may be more of a challenge to also carry the gate and post and secure those in the water with so few team members.

    Would it be permitted to make a "human" prequal course, so to speak? That is, to form the gate, we would have two people standing 2m apart (social distancing!) holding a beam of some sort between them, 1m below the water. To form the post, we would just have someone stand in the water the appropriate distance away. Would a video of our robot completing the maneuver through such a course count for prequalification?