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    I was wondering if any of the teams would like to share a small recording of their raw dvl velocity data (m/s) (during motion or while stopping). Interestingly -with the many environmental factors taken into consideration- our dvl data is a lot noisy than we’ve expected and also lagging I believe. If you can share your experience with your dvl, we would appreciate, as we are not quite sure how a dvl should respond in our environment which is a swimming pool. I can provide more details of the pool, operating depth etc if necessary. Thank you.

    note: currently we haven’t been able to test dvl on a proper environment rather than a swimming pool which has lots of reflections and a depth of only 2m.

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    Based on my little experience of the dvl in the past, we get values pretty close to 0.0m/s in all axis when not moving (range maybe -0.1m/s to 0.1m/s, I can't recall exact numbers). In a swimming pool, I would recommend to test away from the side walls of the pool to prevent reflection and at the 2m depth. That should work just fine unless the datasheet of your DVL says it needs a minimum operating altitude (could be 1-2 meters maybe). I have not observed lagging data before. If your pool has walls that are very close to each other then it might not be possible to test the DVL effectively and noisy data that you report may occur as well.