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    Our RoboSub team had a couple questions regarding the new competiton:

    Q1: The stated objective is to traverse the most number of laps around the channel but under what constraint? Is it based on how many laps for a single charge or is it timed?
    Q2: Is the channel constrained? Ie. Are there walls on 3 sides of the channel to keep the sub within the course. If so will there be penalties for touching the walls?
    Q3: Do we know the diameter of the circular channel?

    Thanks in advance!

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    A1: The intent is the most number of laps with a single charge.

    A2: Good question. I'll ask the person who is proposing the challenge

    A3: The intent is to use the dolphin pool that we place around the TRANSDEC venue for this competition. I can find out the diameter.