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2018 RoboSub Rules & Tasks

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    2018 ROBOSUB DRAFT TASKS REVIEW (submitted on previous forum)

    Posted by: AUV IITB
    Fri, 01/26/2018 - 4:49pm

    Golden Chips:
    • Can we have a mechanism in which the dispensed ball will get collected and not fall freely? We can then collect the ball from the area(maybe a plate with boundaries)
    • For detecting, we can use the pushing plate of large size(1 ft diameter). It will aid in detection of structure as well as the pushing plate

    Try the slots:
    • Lever arm suggestions: Adding prongs will be helpful and color maybe kept Orange or Pink

    Cash in your chips:
    • Sorry for the confusion. We are in support of keeping the funnel at the surface. It will be a milestone task that Robosub competitors can work in future years as well.
    • Regarding the detection, thin tubes of the funnel can be made to protrude into water(as shown in draft Problem Statement) which will help in the deduction of funnel’s position.
    • The protruding tubes may be of length 1~2 feet (sufficient for detection). One can safely navigate 2 feet under water surface to avoid a collision.

    Size constraints:
    • Does the size constraint apply while vehicle is on mission underwater(For example; while using grippers)

    Posted by: Cuauv Leader
    Tue, 01/30/2018 - 11:57am SOME MORE FEEDBACK RE: IITB

    Golden Chips:
    Having a collection method static would also be liked by us but by not having it, poses an interesting challenge we are also interested in solving.

    Cash in your chips:
    Would it be more agreeable with more team if we did something similar to last year in that there was an additional component to the task that is above the water but it is still achievable being fully underwater? We are interested in tackling the above water challenge, like last year we wish we had time to incorporate the beach balls. This late into the fabrication cycle, we would like to focus on acheving below water tasks but continue prototyping and testing mechanisms for the future for working above water level.


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      We would need the following information from @robosub:

      - Are the dice 9'' dice colored black and white as pictured in the 2018 tasks PDF?

      - Are the dice going to be positionned as pictured in the 2018 tasks PDF?

      Thank you.


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        What would be the size of the new path?


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          Yeah! All questions are back. Thanks RoboNation

          @Cuauv Leader, @AUV IITB
          Golden Chips
          • I agree about a highly visible plate.
          • The dispensers will be located near the tasks. You won't have to just drive around and hope, If you are near a task with a dispenser, you should be able to see the dispenser
          • I like the idea of having a area to collect the ball after the plate has been pushed.
          • The offset lever arm is a good suggestion
          • Thanks for your feedback.. I like the idea of having both surface and below surface tasks.
          • 1-2 ft should be fine for a funnel/tube length.
          • Yes, the size constraint applies to your entire vehicle during a mission. Are you asking about having something that unfolds after the vehicle is underway?

          Club Etudiant SONIA
          The dice will be black dots on a white background, unless someone else has a different suggestion. The picture shows a representation of how the dice can be positioned (we probably won't have a six dice). They will be different heights and spaced within a bounding rectangle on the floor, so from the front view, some dice will obscure (partially/fully) dice in the back.

          The width will still be 6", we are deciding on the final length, and the number of "bends" in the path. I'm aiming for the same length (4ft), but have a single bend in the middle (~2ft) that is <90°. So a 6" wide by 2ft section, and then a second 6" wide by 2ft section that is at a different angle (if that makes sense).


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            Yes, we are asking about a gripper which unfolds underway autonomously and the vehicle will still be able to fit inside a box of specified constraints in static state.

            Shoot craps:

            We suggest background faces of dice be colored differently with 3 colors(keeping same color on the opposite faces) and the dots be of white color.


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              Before, during and after your run, the vehicle must stay within the limits of the rules. You can not have something that unfolds after the start of the run.

              Shoot Craps

              So, are you suggesting, say:
              • Top: Red background with white dots
              • Front/back: Blue background with white dots
              • Left/right: Yellow background with white dots


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                Regarding constraints:

                This year problem statement has changed drastically and some of the tasks specifically require manipulations in multiple directions. Keeping the length constraint scheme similar to past years Robosub, it is extremely difficult to accommodate some of the tasks (for example; Trying the slots and cash in your chips). So we suggest that a different scheme be applicable which puts a constraint on static and dynamic limits of a vehicle. Or if the past scheme is followed, then increase in the limits is essential (at least in length) as the tasks have been increasingly complex but the constraints have been the same for past six years.

                Shoot the craps:

                Yes, that is exactly what we are suggesting, but color may be decided upon getting inputs from other participants as well.


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                  Part of the reason for not allowing a vehicle to unfold after it's underway is for safety of both the diver in the water and your vehicle. This would be one more part that the diver has to keep track of when retrieving your vehicle, and one more part we would have to keep an eye on when removing your vehicle from the water. We have had similar manipulation tasks in the past with these same vehicle constraints.

                  What is the current dimension of your vehicle, are you close to the limits all ready?

                  Shoot craps
                  Thanks for the verification.


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                    Yes, the dimension of our AUV is very close to limits i.e. (175 cm X 78 cm X 64 cm ) and the limit being (183 cm X 91 cm X 91 cm). It has become extremely difficult for us to attach a manipulator of the desired length that can perform tasks (such as try slots, buy a gold chip and cash in your chips) and still stay within the limits.


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                      Understood.Let me discuss with internally, and I will get back to you.

                      Shoot Craps
                      I forgot to ask, what is your thought about the different color sides for the dice (since you can push them from any direction)?


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                        Shoot the craps:
                        Different colors at the faces will aid in the number detection on the dice and distinction of separate die in the scenario, to some extent.


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                          Because we don't have the rules yet, CUAUV has been designing and programming our vehicle(s) based around our own set of "mock-rules". We have found this to be quite helpful so we can continue forging ahead with our vehicle development and mission writing. Here are our set of mock-rules that we've been playing around with if any team is interested. Feedback on our mock-rules would also be welcome so we can continue adapting them until final rules are released.
                          Attached Files