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2018 RoboSub Rules & Tasks

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    Shoot the craps:
    How many dice are going to be there? Are four dice(1,2,5,6) finalized?

    Buy chips:
    Suggested dimensions:
    - collection tube at 30-45 cm below the pushing plate
    - collection tray at 90 degree

    Try the slots:
    Dimensions of the openings are quite small. It would be ideal if its dimensions are close to the ones suggested by cuauv in mock rules i.e. 9 feet X 6 feet for the whole task and the openings are of dimension 2 feet X 1.5 feet.
    Also, here are some suggested dimensions:
    - large holes: around 1ft x 1ft, small hole: around 1ft x 0.5ft
    - arm length: 40cm-60cm
    - arm angle(with horizontal): -45 to +45 degrees
    - handle: diameter about 1 inch, length: 15cm-20cm


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      Shoot Craps
      The four dice (1,2,5,6) are finalized

      Buy Chips
      Thanks for the suggestions

      Play Slots
      That's true they are very small. I'll rework my drawing and see what I can come up with.
      • Those are small than cuauv , but I'll see what I can do with the rework
      • The current arm is ~half that size, but that seems reasonable if I make the slot machine bigger
      • Done
      • The current handle as show is 1" diameter and 4" (10 cm) long.

      Thanks for the input, and sanity check.


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        Hello everyone,

        We have some questions about how we get the points in Shoot the craps task. If we touch 6 then 5, will we get the bonus for adding up to 11? Will the points be the same as touch 5 then 6?
        How will we get max points for this task?



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          Hi everyone! This is our first post, so please let us know if we have any formatting errors or otherwise need to fix the way we posted. Thanks in advance!

          Now the fun part: Our questions and suggestions.

          Shoot Craps
          1. How "random" are the dice arrangements going to be?

          There are several dice configurations (especially of only 4 dice) that would not overlap, but also several that would partially or completely overlap from a frontal view. Since finding a partially-overlapped die is significantly more difficult than finding dice that are non-overlapping within an image, pure chance could significantly impact the success of teams.

          Here are a few suggestions on how to keep the element of randomness without having a wide variance in difficulty between rounds. Fair warning: A lot of the following is as much brain-storming and stream-of-consciousness as it is a series of recommendations.

          One suggestion would be to have several different regions in which any single dice could be potentially found, such that from some location in front of the dice, no regions overlap. Then, whenever the field is randomized, the dice can be moved from region to region, or even within a region, leading to a completely new configuration that still has roughly the same level of difficulty as the others. The randomness would come from randomly determining which region corresponds to which die, and then further what X, Y, and Z positions the die is placed at within the region.

          Another suggestion would be to completely randomly determine the locations, and simply "re-roll" any dice that overlap from some predetermined frontal point.

          Finally, there could simply be some number of predefined configurations of the dice (i.e. sets of locations), from which one set of locations is randomly selected, and then the dice are randomly put in these locations. This is very similar to my first suggestion, except slightly less random, and probably easier to verify that there are no overlaps.

          If there no guarantees of a location from which there are no visible overlaps, I would recommend coloring the background and pips of the dice in some non black-and-white way. If you color the background of each die with a unique color, that will greatly aid in addressing overlapping issues (since you can filter for each of the colors separately). However, if you color each face of each singular die (or faces on alternate sides of the die) with a unique color (i.e. there are four colors used in total regardless of the number of dice, and all four colors are used on each die), that seems like it is more likely to help with just generic die-finding without directly addressing the issue of overlap. While it is more likely that you would be able to differentiate overlapping dice, because there is a higher chance than before that they will have different colors, it doesn't guarantee it. However, this might make it easy enough to detect the dice that we can come up with other ways of dealing with overlap.

          Note that if each die is colored with a unique color, this could be theoretically used as a way to identify which die is which, potentially defeating the purpose of having pips on the dice in the first place. However, this could be fixed if there are multiple copies of each die, one in each color. I.e. there are four different variations of the 6-pip die, one in blue, one in yellow, one in red, and one in orange. During randomization of the field, the colors could be randomly determined - maybe the 6-pip die is red one match and the 5-pip die is green, and then after the next randomization the 6-pip die is green and the 5-pip die red. I do acknowledge that this could lead to much longer set-up times, however, as it would require swapping out pool elements, and thus should be considered with caution.

          Buy a Gold Chip
          2. It currently seems quite difficult to spot the Chip Dispenser, especially from a distance, and especially since no other tasks (e.g. a path or random pinger) lead directly to it. Would it be possible to color the body of the dispenser in a bright color: perhaps yellow or pink? Ideally it wouldn’t be orange, so as to not be confused with the path or starting gate.

          3. We are also curious about the mechanism for releasing the golf balls: do you release a single ball for each depression of the plunger, or can you release multiple balls by holding it down? Has there also been any decision as to whether the plunger automatically returns to its original position, or does the vehicle need to pull it ‘out’ after actuation?

          Try the Slots
          We’d just like to note that we are also in favor of increasing all of the torpedo-hole sizes.

          Also, to make it easier for newer teams while keeping a more difficult task for more experienced teams, maybe consider making the hole that is always open (i.e. that we don’t need to pull the lever to access) larger than the other ones.


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            Hey ZeabusAUV
            You will received points for the last two dice that you touch, order doesn't matter. So if you touch 5 than 6 or 6 than 5, you will still get points for the dice totaling 11. If you touch 5 than 6 than 1, you will get points for the dice totaling 7.

            Welcome Caltech Robotics Team
            Format doesn't really matter, as long as you get your question asked and your comments out (and your format is excellent).

            Thanks very much for your input.

            Shoot Craps
            Since you can expect that the dice will probably overlap, it won't be pure chance (and everyone will be running the same course, which will help "even" things out). What if I want a wide variance between rounds .

            And FYI, I will set the course up for practice days, I move the course around for semi-finals. Once it's set, I don't move things around for semi-finals. I move the course around again for finals. For semi-finals and finals, I do not make changes to the course from one team to another. The most I do is reset the course as close to it's original state is possible if the previous team's vehicle(s) has (have) moved some of the tasks.

            There has been some discussion about changing the background and pip color of the dice. I will not make each different dice a different color, since teams will use that instead of identifying the pips (I know I would). I could make each face of each dice a different color (4 colors total), or make the opposite sides the same color (2 colors total). With either of these options, there will still be overlap of dice with the same colored face. The dice will be moored with a single piece of 550 line, so they are free to rotate.

            There are also other ways to attack this problem, maybe you need to think about looking at it from a different perspective...

            Buy a Gold Chip
            There are two dispensers, one is located next to "Play Craps" and one is located near "Play Slots". While the path does not directly point to a dispenser, they do point you toward each of those tasks, which will get you really close to the Gold chip dispenser.

            I am more than happy to color the dispenser body a color other than orange.

            The idea would be for the mechanism to release only one golf ball at a time. The plunger will automatically reset and return to its original position.

            Try the Slots
            I'm working on a design with larger openings.

            A larger hole that is always open is a good idea.


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              Daveman you didn't reply to our comment in #29


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                I did answer some (indirectly) with figures of the tasks in another post. Let's see:

                1. It does need to be able to self-reset. My idea is to have a slow reset, so that you can pull down the handle and then have multiple minutes before it closes again. It will be a bright color (pink is a good, different color). They are through holes, and the current borders are Red and Yellow. (see the figure)

                2. See the figure

                3. Straight line? Nope. The front dice may very likely block ones from behind, so you might want to think about other ways to change your perspective with this task. I'm open to increase the point value. See the figure

                4. The time slots for the finals is dictated by the total amount of time we have for the live broadcast, and the number of teams in the finals. So that is "set". Since we stop the clock during, when we bring a sub back to the dock (as well as not count the time placing your vehicle into and taking your vehicle out of, the water), it would be hard to increase the amount of time you have on the course, while not causing a slip in time. I can think about it.

                5. Thanks. I agree with having a bright color for the plate. See the figure (I need to update it with a bright color for the plate).