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Room for one extra female at the Robosub affiliated hotel?

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  • Room for one extra female at the Robosub affiliated hotel?

    Hello, my name is Jade with the University of Central Florida Robosub team. We're bringing six members, and I'm the only female in attendance. Our school has a policy where members of different genders should stay in different rooms. Of course, paying for a whole separate hotel room just for me would be more expensive than reasonable. Is there a team with extra room for their female members that I can stay with? I would of course be willing to pitch in to the cost of the hotel room.

    Thank you, everyone!

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    I'll have our social media person send this request out to the teams, since not everyone is good about checking the forum.


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      JadeZsiros As said "social media person," I'm happy to push this out to our other teams!


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        Thank you guys so much. I appreciate it.