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  • Daveman
    Perihane Youssef Yasser

    Welcome to the forum and to the competition!

    The Capability for Autonomous Behavior, Creativity in System Design and Team Uniform will be judged during static judging. The presentation that you give at your team tent is the static judging portion of the Subjective Measure section of points.

    Hopefully, that answers your questions, if not, please don't hesitate to ask some more.

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  • Perihane Youssef Yasser
    started a topic Static judging

    Static judging

    Hello everyone, I am Perihane from ASmarine Egypt first time participating in the competition.

    I want to know how the teams will be evaluated during the static judging phase, how the capability for Autonomous Behavior will be judged ? is that through Design Reports and Technical Reports?
    also i would like to know if the presentation that will be held at the tent of each team is a part of static judging or something separate.