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2018 RoboSub Rules & Tasks

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    For the dice challenge do you get points for every die you hit? or do only the last 2 count? example would hitting them in the order of die 1, die 2, die 5 then die 6 count to more points than just hitting die 5 and 6?


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      For the Buy Gold Chips task, is the pool element designed so that we can apply a perpendicular force anywhere on the "$" face and successfully cause a ball to be deposited? Or is there a "sweet spot" closer to the centre of the face? If there is a sweet spot, approximately how large is it?

      Apologies for the clumsy description!


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        Alan Albritton
        Short answer: Nope, it wouldn't count more. You will receive the greater of the two: If you touch one buoy, or the last two (if they add up to 7 or 11).

        Caltech Robotics Team
        No worries. Good questions. It's a plunger type mechanism, so pushing at the center will probably result in the best outcome (and the least likely to cause it to bind). It's not finished yet, so I can't say what the center sweet spot is.
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          Daveman what are the points like for picking up either green or red ball only in cash in your chips?


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            When searching through the rules I was unable to find anything about a limit of the number of torpedoes or markers on the sub, nor did I see anything that mentioned that only the first so many would count. So is there a limit or can we drop 37 markers on the roulette and shoot 37 torpedoes and score a massive amount of points?


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              Alan Albritton we couldn't find any number constraints either, though it looks like 7.4.4 implies that points are capped at 2 markers? This sounds similar to previous years when we had 2 markers and 2 torpedoes but things could have changed!

              Daveman Just for some clarification on the qualification task - looking through the rules it seems like we just need to navigate through the gate? We thought that there was some part involving navigating around a submerged pillar, so just wanted to be sure!


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                Thanks for the catch. I've tied it into the Drop an Object. So now's it's Retrieve/Drop and object (200 to pick up and 200 to drop)

                Alan Albritton
                Oops, left that out, thanks. Each vehicle can carry two torpedoes, with a max cap at two (for Play Slots and a max of two markers for Roulette)

                Caltech Robotics Team
                Sorry for any confusion. You can pre-qualify before you arrive at RoboSub 2018, as noted in the Suggested Underwater Build Tasks (SUB tasks) document. You have to pass through a gate, maneuver around a fixed marker and then pass back through the same gate.

                If you don't pre-qualify before the competition, you'll have to qualify during the practice days of the competition. For that, you have to pass through the gate shown in Figure 4 of the Mission and Scoring document.

                I need to include the pre-qualify drawing in the Mission and Scoring document.


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                  Can we get a decision on how many balls will be in each bin in Cash In Your Chips? Because this is the only place to get green and red balls (for both this task and the roulette), we think it would be most reasonable to have (at least) 4 balls per color in the bins.

                  Additionally, to clarify, we can still play roulette with our old markers and are not required to use the golf balls? They just help get more points?

                  Finally, are we allowed to use the blue balls for Cash In Your Chips or Roulette?
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                    Daveman ,

                    1.What is the height of the torpedo from the seabed? We are suggesting at least a 1m away from the floor.

                    2. The torpedo arm can we have it yellow instead? We were testing the torpedo board and realised purple is a hard colour to detect for a handle from far at that size.

                    3. We attached a picture for four dimensions that we think are lacking, if you could provide that would be great! basically, the angle when the arm is closed and open, the height of the mechanism to the top of the board and the length of the arm.


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                      Sorry, I though I posted the number of golf balls at Cash In. I agree, four in each bin (Red and Green), with a maximum of two counting per color.
                      You don't need Red or Green to play roulette, only Blue or Gold.

                      To clarify, Blue golf balls = your markers. You vehicle(s) can carry either Blue golf balls or markers of your own design. Either will count for points. However, you will have to pick up Gold golf balls in order to score points for Gold golf ball tasks (and the same holds true for Red and Green).

                      Blue and Gold are exclusively used for Roulette.
                      A blue golf ball (or your own marker) in a funnel counts as "any" and is worth points.

                      1. The height of the torpedo from the floor will be similar to other tasks in the past, so 4-6 ft (1.2-1.8 m)
                      2. hmmm, Bumblebee would like the handle to be yellow, who would have guessed... I'm fine with the color yellow
                      3. I haven't fully completed that task, which is why it looks, well, unfinished.
                        1. My intention is for the arm to rotate from +45° to -45° (as shown). If I do things correctly, the window will be open at around 0° so that there will be a delay in when you open the windows, and when the cover moves back into place. I.e. with the handle at -45° it will slowly move back upward. The cover won't start to move up until the handle is ~0° (if that makes sense).
                        2. I don't have the (exact) dimensions for the height of the mechanism (yet), but it will be located in the upper half of the lower square (as drawn)
                        3. As currently drawn, the length of the arm is 12" (30.5 cm) and the length of the handle is 8" (20cm). I suspect that won't change.
                        4. The entire mechanism will be made from 1.5" PVC (the mechanism, the counter balance [not shown], the arm and the handle.


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                        So to clarify, we can put the blue golf balls in the Cash In funnels and get the equivalent number of points for putting a different colored ball in a funnel?

                        Additionally, because the gold chips are used for Cash In and Roulette, can the dispensers be moved closer to these tasks? With their current placement, it is not possible to navigate back to the dispensers once you leave the beginning tasks.

                        Also, can we score points using the red and green balls at Roulette?
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                          If we would like to prequalify, where would we submit our video? Would that just be uploaded to the dropbox with the paper and the introduction video?


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                            A blue "ball" in any funnel will net you 800 pts.

                            That's a reasonable request. I'm happy to move one dispenser to the Roulette, and one below the Cash In floating square.

                            hmmm, Red or Green in Roulette. Let me think about that one for a little while.

                            Adam Loeffler
                            Yes! Please upload your video to the dropbox.


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                              Can I record the pre-qualify video with the old AUV instead of the new one? is it okay?


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                                Is there a date that we have to pre-qualify by?