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2018 RoboSub Rules & Tasks

This is a sticky topic.
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    Cash in chips:
    Having integration of two tasks seems a very interesting and exciting idea!

    But, having an option to use the red and green balls for roulette would defeat the purpose of having manipulation in the cash-in task. The most challenging aspect of this task is the combination of sub-surface and surface manipulation.

    We believe that this would be quite a major change in the PS at this close to the competition dates considering the preparation and testing that needs to be done.


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      Being able to use the green and red balls for Roulette adds an interesting aspect to the competition. They would be worth the same as the blue balls (probably) and having to track 2 pingers in order collect the balls at Cash In and then again to get to Roulette is very interesting.


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        Cash in your chips: How thick will the green/red borders be?


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          No, the vehicle that you use to per-qualify must be the same vehicle that you will enter into the 2018 RoboSub competition.

          There is, it's on the first page of this thread
          Good question. Let's make the final day to submit per-qualify video three weeks before the start of the competition, so the last day to submit a video will be July 9, 2018.

          AUV-IITB , cuauv
          I agree with CUAUV, it doesn't defeat the purpose of having a manipulation task, it just adds another facet to the competition. There is a cap to how many balls/targets you can drop into the roulette task.

          The green/red borders on the bins holding the green/red golf balls?
          The funnels and bins will be made from 4mm corrugated plastic. So they are 4mm thick
          (If that's what you are asking).

          No one as said if they would like to have smaller diameter holes in the bins to hold the golf balls and keep them from rolling around (too much).
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            sorry Daveman we missed the one about the smaller diameter holes. Yes, we would support the smaller diameter holes to hold the golf balls in the center so it is easier to pick up the small golf balls. However, they should not be too deep else we won't be able to pick it. Something like 1/10 of the ball depth. Too shallow and the balls may be blown off by the thrusters.

            Also will like to propose for the overall bin diameter to be 9 inches to reduce the search space for the small golf balls. And can we confirm that the bins have a yellow base?
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              We also like the idea of having little "ball holders". However, it would be nice if they were evenly spaced out around the bin (so they're not all bunched together). Helps with control of picking up the balls that we would like


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                bumblebee , cuauv
                I agree, there needs to be a balance between holding the balls in place and also being able to pick them up. Originally I thought a 0.5" diameter hole would be good, but I'll experiment today (6/23) to finalize on the diameter.

                Currently, the bottom of the bins is white, while the sides are either red or green. I can make them yellow, if you'd like.

                Since I haven't made them yet, I am perfectly fine with 9" diameter bins.

                What, you don't want all the balls grouped all together in a corner? My intention was to evenly space the holes around the bin.
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                  How deep will the holes be to hold the balls (aka, how holdy are they). Also, 9" diameter seems quite large. We are fine with the white bottom.

                  While you are adding a "holder" of sorts to the Cash In task, could we also get something similar added to the Gold Chip dispenser? Maybe we could make the bin that the gold chip fall into slightly concave so that it will always go to the center?

                  Can we also move Play Slots next to Roulette so we can find it with the pinger as well? In past years the droppers and torpedo tasks have both been findable with the pinger and it would be greatly beneficial to keep this the same. Thanks!

                  Finally, circling back to moving the Buy Gold Chip to Roulette and Cash In, can we get clarification on where in relation to Roulette the dispenser will be? Additionally, we like your proposal of having the second dispenser under the floating square in Cash In.
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                    Thank you for updating rules.
                    I am Masaya Kataoka.
                    I am a Software Developer in OUXT Polaris.
                    We recognized an update of heartbeat communication protocol.
                    Now, we try to develop communication softwares for Maritime RobotX Challenge 2018.
                    We want to get heartbeat server software and test our communication package.
                    Is the server software is published?


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                      Daveman We would like the base to be yellow, because there are many white patches on the floor which will be easily mixed up with a white base.

                      Can you post pictures of the bins and torpedo board (even if they are wip)? Thanks!


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                        Masaya Kataoka
                        This is the RoboSub forum. I believe you should ask this question on the RobotX forum, you are more likely to get answers.


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                          cuauv , bumblebee
                          Golf Balls
                          • The bins are made from 4mm corrugated plastic, so they will be through hole "holdy" (if that's what you are asking).
                          • 1.25" diameter holes seem to be a good size to hold the balls, but not interfere too much with retrival (see attached)
                            • Let me know what you think
                          • The bin diameter used to be 12", so 9" is smaller. I also reduced the height of the walls from 2" to 1". Hopefully, this will keep the balls from falling out, and not interfere with retrieval. (see attached)
                            • Let me know what you think
                          • It's my intention to also do something similar with Buy chips (see attached), to capture and present the ball. The height of the walls on this tray is 0.5" (see attached).
                            • Note: the 8" diameter push plate is not installed.
                            • The paint tray will be creased to guide the ball to the capture and presentation section (red).
                            • Let me know what you think
                          • Sure there are a lot of white patches, but none (hopefully) that are 9" in diameter with red/green border.
                            • I'm ok with leaving them as white, or changing them to yellow.

                          Play slots and Roulette will stay where they are (but thanks for asking!). You should be able to find Play slots with the path segment and Roulette with the pinger.

                          Post pictures of the actual Roulette and Play Slots? I can ask the person building Roulette to take some pictures, and I can post the printed vinyl banner's that I'll stick to the corrugated plastic sheets. Once I finish with Play Slots (mechanism and all), I will also post pictures.
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                            1.25" seems reasonable for holding the balls. The reduced wall height of the bins is also nice. For the Buy Chips tray, we like the further decreased wall height. However, would it be possible to make the overall holder any larger? It is just barely larger than the ball which doesn't give much "wiggle room" for error. We just don't want to accidentally break the tray by missing

                            Would it be possible to get an updated map of where all the tasks will be laid out? I believe the biggest change that was discussed is moving where the gold chip dispensers are? Thanks


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                              9" diameter for the bins is good.

                              Can the holes be 0.75" instead? We find 1.25" diameter holes to be too large.

                              Also, we would like the rim be thicker. We suggest 8mm thick rim around the 9" diameter bin.


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                                I could reduce the wall height for Buy Chips. Without testing, I'm concerned that the ball would just roll out. Which wouldn't do anyone any good.
                                My intention with the size of the tray was to reduce the "wiggle room" so that you wouldn't have to fish around the for the ball (and it would, hopefully, stay in place).

                                What are your thoughts on a tray?

                                I'm sorry, you did ask for an updated location of "stuff" and I dropped the ball (ha!). I _did_ remember this morning that I had forgot to answer that question...
                                The Buy Chips will be positioned 3ft (~1m) from the edge of the Roulette task. It _could_ be on the left, it _could_ be on the right.
                                Unless someone has a different/better idea, the push plate (with the "$") will always be facing the start gate.

                                Have you tried a 0.75" hole? When I originally drilled a 7/8" hole, the golf ball was still pretty easy to dislodge (which is why I moved to the 1.25" hole).

                                The material I'm using to make the rim is open on the top (and bottom!), so if you are trying to make a thicker border to "see" from above, this won't work. If that's not the case, could you explain your reason to me?
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