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RoboSub 2018 Pictures and Scores

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  • RoboSub 2018 Pictures and Scores

    Hello all! Thanks to everyone who runs the competition for the awesome week, and to the other teams we got to compete against for teaching us so many new things. We're all really excited over here for next year. But at the moment, I am curious about a few things. For one, I'd like to know when we can expect the photos RoboSub had taken of us to be sent our way. It would be nice to post on Facebook so all of our mothers can be happy. For another, I'd like to hear of a date about competition overall scores. I know scores usually take a while to compile, but a date estimate would ease the mind. Anyway, thanks again.

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    As always, it was a pleasure having you and your team join us again this year at RoboSub! We are currently working on editing photos and compiling scores this week and expect them to be released early next week.

    Thank you!


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      It looks like photos have been posted in the 2018 Media Kit on the Robosub website.
      You should be able to access them here:


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        OSU_UWRT IanGood You're absolutely correct, Ian! The pictures that are uploaded in the RoboSub Media Kit on Dropbox are available for you all to download. This was our place to drop untouched photos throughout the week. We will be uploading edited photos on our Flickr page soon.


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          RoboNation any update on when final scores will be posted? Or have they already been posted and I can't find them D:


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            Jeff_Venicx Still finalizing the scores a bit! They'll be released soon : D


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              Hi Everyone,

              I noticed that in past years the wildcard run did not count towards their final score. I was wondering if this could be changed since some of the teams, including ourselves, performed much better in the wildcard slot than in the semi-final run. By doing this it would better reflect the team's overall performance since the submarine might have been buggy during the semi-final but be fixed in the wildcard. I propose that the worst semi-final score be replaced with the wildcard score, if it is better than the semi-final run


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                RUMarino this was already discussed at competition and it was decided that the wildcard slots are for a last chance effort to get into finals and not for scoring. Thus pushing teams too pull out all the stops to try and make it into finals rather than just trying to play it safe and pad their scores.


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                  Jeff_Venicx you are correct. However, the third chance is captured in the spreadsheet, so you may use the scores however you see fit when trying to secure future sponsorship.

                  Something like:
                  We were having issues during the semi-final runs, but had secured enough points to be selected for a third chance run. We capitalized on that opportunity, worked hard through the night and succeeded in completing more tasks and scoring more points than either of our semi-final runs.