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Optional Demo Video Guidelines Released (And open for YOUR review!)

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  • Optional Demo Video Guidelines Released (And open for YOUR review!)

    For those of you who attended the March Community Hour last month, you heard the idea of an Optional Demonstration Video submission added to RoboSub 2021. We've pulled together some guidelines for this submission and want to open it up for your team's feedback! This submission is completely optional and can be conducted with your physical sub or within a simulation environment.

    Submission Format: 1 video, no longer than 20 minutes

    Submission Deadline: July 18, 2021

    Overview: One of the primary advantages of competing in person is the ability to showcase vehicle behaviors. During the competition, the vehicles autonomously perform the given tasks and are evaluated and scored.

    Since teams/schools/countries have different guidelines they must follow during the pandemic, to maintain equitable opportunities for competition while providing a means to showcase vehicle performance, students are invited to submit an optional demonstration video. These videos will highlight behaviors necessary for the competition.

    Download the Guidelines: Optional Demonstration Video Guidelines

    Make your feedback count and let us know what you think here on this thread.