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New to RoboSub - looking for guidance

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  • Mabel

    Our sub, orange, in 2019 (our starting year) cost about $6,000.
    While there is not a kit, BlueRov sells an ROV that is a great platform to start learning about underwater vehicles.

    Our team put together a document of the resources we used to get started. We haven't updated it fully to reflect what we learned in 2020 but it should be a good starting point as we put it together after our first year. Link to the document here.

    Hope this helps! If you have questions about the document feel free to contact our team (Team Inspiration).

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  • Daveman

    Those are all very good questions. Here are some more answers:

    Cost: 'Sub can be a bit difficult to get started, since you first need to be _very_ waterproof before you can even think about doing anything else. However, you should be able to find a lot of creative solutions in the past technical reports. Other things to think about: Onboard computer, propulsion, sensors, etc.

    Manual: Julianna Smith posted links to the mission. Are you looking for anything else?

    Kit: 'Sub doesn't supply you with any sort of kit. We do provide the parts list for making your own tasks (and I try to keep the cost of those down as much as possible).

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  • Julianna Smith
    Hi tarachk & welcome to RoboSub! I see that you have reached out to our team at [email protected] and we are scheduling some time to chat with you.

    In the meantime, here are a few helpful places that we send new teams to get started

    RoboSub 2021 |

    Review the details for RoboSub 2021. Registration will be open from March 29 to April 30. We hope to have you this year!

    RoboSub 2021 Mission & Rules Document |

    Though RoboSub 2021 will be held online, the rules document includes details about the in-person competition for aide in developing the required submissions for competition this year. In addition to the 2021 rules, you can access previous year's rules for additional on-site requirements:

    RoboSub 2020 Technical Design Reports |

    Scroll down to the Teams section to find the 2020 Teams and their Technical Design Reports. These reports list (in detail) teams’ approach to competition, vehicle designs and budget. Every team is different, so try and look at a variety of schools, from well-known universities to high schools.

    Community Hour |

    We’ll be hosting the April Community Hour call soon where all interested RoboBoat, RoboSub and RobotX teams are welcome to join. This will be a good first step for getting your team started and engaged with the community! Please note, signup is required. More details in the link above.

    We look forward to getting to know you and your team!

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  • tarachk
    started a topic New to RoboSub - looking for guidance

    New to RoboSub - looking for guidance

    Hi all!

    I have a team of girls and am interested in participating in RoboSub 2021, but have no idea on how to get started? How much will it cost me to build a very basic sub? where can we access a manual? Do we get a basic kit to get started? So many questions ?
    Appreciate any guidance!