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  • Collecting (Bins)

    Collecting (Bins):
    • Each area will have two bins (total). One will be for G-men, one will be for Bootleggers.
    • Each image in the bin will take up 1/2 of the area
      • The bottle and barrel each will occupy 1/2 of the Bootlegger bin
      • The telephone and paper each will occupy 1/2 of the G-man bin
    • The cover will cover 1/3 of the bin. If the cover is fully to one side, one of the images will be fully visible, and one of the images will be partially visible.
      • The cover may not be fully to one side, so each of the images might be partially covered.
    • You may drop markers into the bin w/o having to remove the cover
    • The cover will have a handle that you can grip and lift off the bin.
    • I'm open to other color choices for the cover and the handle.
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    What color is the cover with the handle over the bin? Does it slide or can you pick it up and place it some where else or can you remove it from the bin and place on pool floor?