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Magnetometer error in TRANSDEC pool

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  • Magnetometer error in TRANSDEC pool

    Hi community,

    Our team is using the readings from the RM3100 magnetometer combined with IMU data to provide an accurate compass heading in our sub. In our initial testing we’ve found this to be reasonably accurate and have not noticed any significant offset or drift in our measurements. One concern we have is how the steel walls in the TRANSDEC pool will effect the measurements. Has any team previously measured the error caused by the TRANSDEC pool shell, dock, or other structures on these types of magnetometer based compasses? It’d be great if any team could share their experience, and even better if anyone has captured data that compared a fancy inertial guidance systems to the RM3100 at different locations in the pool. We plan to use the compass headings to get us close to the different missions until our vision processing guidance can take over.


    Team Simplexity

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    Great question!
    How did you conduct your initial testing? Was it on the vehicle, or was the "out in the open"?

    The rebar in the concrete walls at TRANSDEC can cause interference with a magnetometer. The docks are either wood or plastic, and shouldn't interfere. The steel bridge spans the pool with nothing in the water, so it shouldn't cause any issues. Other items that will interfere are your motors and any wires carrying high current.