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    Sorry, I didn't quite understand this phrase:
    6. NEW: Videos may not include music tracks.
    May we use music tracks in our videos if they do not violate YouTube rules?
    Thank you!

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    moun Due to some copyright issues RoboNation is facing, we have to be very careful on what videos we upload to the Youtube Channel. For this year only, we're asking teams not use any music tracks at all, even royalty free, as we don't have a good way of verifying. We are looking into how we can avoid this in future years, but need to be extra careful this year.

    That being said, we are recommending that teams use these videos as tools/resources for their team. We encourage you to post these on your own Youtube channels, websites and/or social media accounts! In this case you can put whatever music tracks on the video, you'd like. The no music requirement only applies to videos being submitted for evaluation by the RoboSub judges.

    We're sorry for the inconvenience but appreciate your understanding and flexibility! Let us know if you have any other questions.


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      Thanks I got it. May we use sound effects?


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        moun Yes, sound effects are acceptable!


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          Thank you