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  • Participation for robosub 2021

    I just graduated with my masters this year and was part of the virtual competition this year with Team Simplexity. I was wondering & hoping that even though I graduated this year if I could still take part in the actual competition for next year since I did not get the actual competition experience this year or last year.

    Ryan Meagher

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    Hi ryanmeagher12! Apologies for the delayed response -- we somehow missed this message come through.

    Short answer is yes, we are happy to accommodate any students that graduated and have yet to experience an in-person RoboSub competition. The official rule taken from the RoboSub 2021 rules are below, and shouldn't change for the 2022 competition.

    "Rule 2: Teams may be comprised of a combination of students, faculty, industrial partners, or government partners. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged. Members from industry, government agencies, or universities (in the case of faculty) may participate, however, full-time students must compose at least 75% of each team. Participants must be enrolled at their schools as a full-time student per quarter/semester during winter and spring to be considered “students.” The student members of a team are expected to make significant contributions to the development of their vehicle." [2021 Mission & Rules]

    Hope that helps!