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Problem with NVIDIA Jetson

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  • Problem with NVIDIA Jetson

    Hello guys,

    I am a Vicepresident of AGH Marines Science Club. As you may be aware, there is a very big problem with electronics market. We are trying to buy NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AGX since August and yesterday we got an info that we won't get it until March which is waaaaay too late. Anyone of you people are in the same situation as we and are willing to cooperate to try and resolve this? Do you have any ideas how to manage this situation? We are so desperate in searching for a solution, we asked our local Science Clubs at our University if anyone has Jetson for sell or just to borrow so we can proceed with our works but noone responded. Anyone got some ideas?

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    Not an ideal solution but you could try using a Jetson Nano for the interim?


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      Also worth mentioning the new Jetson Orin release date is Q12022