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RoboSub 2022 Tasks

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  • RoboSub 2022 Tasks

    All of the current images for each of the tasks are posted on the RoboSub data share:
    Keep an eye on on this post for future updates.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.
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    Hi! A few questions for you.

    What color will be the Octagon made of? Also what diameter PVC will be used to construct it? Has the design for the bottle for the pickup been released?

    For this year's competiton, will there be any object pickups other than the one located at Cash or Smash?

    Do you have an idea when the points associated with the tasks will be released?



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      Hey rishj09
      • The Octagon is made from white 1/2" PVC pipe, and will stay white
      • The design for the bottle pickup hasn't been released
        • I will release some ideas by the end of the month for everyone to vote/decide on
      • No other objects to pick up besides the bottle at Cash or Smash.
        • Trying to keep things a bit simpler, since we were unsure of the venue.
      • I'm working on the points now, I will also release those at the end of this month.


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        Hello Daveman ,

        I just created a box account to try and download the images for buoys, but the page tells me that:
        This shared file or folder link has been removed or is unavailable to you.
        If you could check that the files are still available at that link, I would greatly appreciate it.
        Alternatively, if I need to request access, please let me know.

        Thank you in advance!


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          You probably have access to RoboSub 2022


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            Hi NolanCan, I just double-checked the images and was able to successfully download all 4 images for the buoys. Your team has access to Box using your generic email: [email protected]. You should be able to use the link Dave provided above to log in to your account in Box to access these files: RoboSub 2022 Box Access.

            If you continue to have issues, please contact a Data Moderator to troubleshoot in this forum thread: Data Sharing Sub-Forum.


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              We previously received an invitation to access the folder with our [email protected] email, but when we click on the Robosub 2022 link, we do not have access. The page shows:

              Oops! We can't seem to find the page you're looking for.
              Is it possible to grant access to [email protected]?

              Many thanks,
              Craig Wang


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                Hi Craig Wang, the link expires after 30 days if it is not accepted. I've reshared the folder with you! Let us know if you still have any issues accessing the files.


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                  Ah, I see thank you Julianna Smith ! It works great now.


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                    Great! Glad to hear it, Craig Wang.


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                      Hi Dave, a few questions about interpretation of section 2 of the the handbook.

                      1. The two parameters we are given for the pre-qualification marker prop is that it must touch the floor and break the surface of the water. We are planning to use PVC anchored to the floor with weights; however, in order to keep the pipe upright, we will use a buoy attached to the pipe using rope. The entire assembly will both touch the floor and break the surface of the water, but the PVC itself will only touch the floor. Is this acceptable?

                      2. For the "with style" bonus points passing through the competition gate, we are planning to perform 2 complete clockwise revolutions (total of 720 degrees in the same direction). Our software guy pointed out that the phrasing of the handbook section concerning the gate said that "returning to the previous orientation won't count", and suggested that this could be interpreted to mean that because we end in the same orientation as well began, we would not receive the points. I wanted to be very sure that we understood the intent of the phrasing correctly. Will the movement as I have described it earn us the 8x maximum points?



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                        Hey Cayton - SDSU

                        1. That is totally acceptable.
                        2. The wording can be confusing, but is meant to stop teams from going (for example) 0 to 90 and then back to 0, that's returning the previous orientation and would only be +1. Two complete clockwise revolutions would get you 8x points. I'll continue to refine the wording.