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    I would like to start creating some maps in our simulator for the competition. I was wondering if course maps / object locations have been drafted or finalized, and if so, could I please have access to that?

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    The preliminary course map is on page 11 of the RoboSub 2022 Handbook.


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      As Laverne mentioned, the general layout is shown in the handbook. Within each section (A, B, C, D), the order of the tasks won't change, but the locations for the tasks will move between practice, semi, and finals.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.


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        I can work with that, thanks!

        Any chance could I get the X,Y & Z coordinates with the dock / start as origin?


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          The image makes it seem like A & C are skinnier than B & D, or are they all ~12.2m?


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            Hello ! We have a question about the positionning of the buoys, will they be facing our submarines after we align on the path or will they be parallele to the wall of the pool as the drawing suggest ?


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              (sorry about the slow reply, I was on travel...}

              • No chance of getting x,y,z coordinates, and don't forget, I will move things around before semi-finals and (obviously) for finals.
              • "drawing is not to scale" All four sections will be "roughly" the same width

              Club Etudiant SONIA
              The buoys will be facing your sub if you follow the path


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                Daveman Thanks for the answer !

                We have a follow-up question regarding the orientation of the second path toward the bins.

                Assuming we touch the buoys, then go over them and detect the path keeping our orientation, when looking at the drawing in the handling book, except for course D, we would be perpendicular to the path, and then we would not be able to know wether to turn right (for course A and B) or left (for course C).

                Do we interpret that correctly or are we overthinking it too much and this is just a sketch and this will not be a problem in the real pool ?


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                  Club Etudiant SONIA It's a good question, and I don't think your overthinking it. If I'm understanding your question correctly you're saying that once you touch the buoys, and you've found the next path segment that points toward the bins, there are two difference directions that you can choose along the path.

                  Here's a thought. If you keep track of your initial heading when you pass through the gate, then your movement along the path segment should always be ±90° from your initial heading.
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