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  • Random pinger scoring

    Suppose the torpedoes pinger is on first. If a sub were to complete the torpedoes task and then go to and complete the octagon task without the pinger having switched, would that sub gain the second set of bonus points available from random pinger or only the first set?

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    As long as you score points in both tasks, you will receive both sets of random points.

    Any reason you want to make it harder on yourself by not turning on the second pinger?


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      Since we have two subs, we plan to have one sub complete the first pinger task and then move onto the second task while the second sub is completing the first. From the wording of the rules, I was under the impression that if we switch the pinger before our second sub has completed the first pinger task, that second sub would not receive random pinger points.

      “If the team lead requests to switch the pinger before the vehicle has acquired any points, the run reverts back to a specific pinger request run and no random pinger points will be awarded.”

      Is my interpretation here incorrect? That is, could we have our second sub come to the first pinger task and then switch pingers (to allow the first sub to more easily find the second pinger task) before our second sub completes the first task, and still gain all available random pinger points for both subs?


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        Interesting, so you're intention is to have two subs capable of homing in on the pingers? Will they both also have torpedoes?
        You are the first team to attempt this.

        Let me thing about the best way to interpret my rules for your benefit...


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          Yes, we are planning to try.


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            Still thinking... Since everyone knows that I'm leaving work for two weeks, I've been really slammed this week.


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              If you don't want to go with the strict interpretation of the rules I offered above, how about the following solution?

              If a sub scores any points at the first pinger task without having previously scored any points at the second, it gains the first 500 random pinger points. If it then scores any points at the second task, it gains the additional 1500. When the pinger is switched has no effect. If you like, the sub could lose the opportunity to gain any random pinger points if it even visits the second task before having scored at the first.

              This would be a break from the rule I quoted above, but I don't think it's one that would upset anyone. It could only lead to more points, and I can't see it making obtaining random pinger points in the single-sub case any easier anyway.


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                You're interpretation of the rules is correct. If you switch the pinger before the second sub acquired points at the first random pinger, it wouldn't get random pinger points.

                Your second solution sounds similar to your first (unless I missed something).. I'm fine with your first solution, you don't have to switch the pinger after your first sub has acquired points at the first random pinger. And if it can wander over to the second task w/o the pinger and score points, it would acquire the second random pinger points.

                If I may ask, what are your thoughts about completing these two tasks with your two vehicles? Will the second sub wander away from the first random pinger and once the second sub has acquired points, then you would switch the pingers?


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                  Right, I guess I was suggesting dropping the requirement that a sub scores points at the first task *before* the pinger is switched. It's probably too late to change at this point anyway, and you may have good reasons for not wanting to. But it seems to me that as long as a sub completes the first pinger task before attempting the second, it should qualify for random points. This would mean our first sub wouldn't have to dead reckon to the second pinger task (as it currently does), without really changing anything for single-sub teams.

                  The current plan is to have one of our subs complete the first pinger task and then dead reckon to the second pinger task while our first sub completes the first. Once our second sub has completed the first task, we will switch the pinger, and then the second sub will follow the pinger to the second task.


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                    Copy. The rules are such so that it's easier for the judges to determine of the sub "knows" where it is with a random task (and to keep teams from switching too much). I'm up for rewording this for the future, but it's too late for this competition.

                    To me it seems like you're in a bind either way. If you're first sub is at the first task and then you switch the pinger, how will your second sub find the first task (dead reckon)? Hopefully they won't be fighting over the same task when the first pinger is on. Seems like one of your subs has to dead reckon at some point. Honestly, the current rule set seems a bit cleaner for you...

                    That's what I figured you were doing...Thanks.