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Clarity on inter-vehicle communication scoring

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  • Clarity on inter-vehicle communication scoring

    My team is wondering what might merit various scores for inter-vehicle communication. Since none of us has been to a competition, we don't have a sense of the range of complexity of behaviors you might be expecting. Could you perhaps give us a few examples of communication-based behaviors you have seen in the past, and how highly you might score them? Also, is deriving strategic advantage from the communication necessary for earning maximum points, or is only "complexity" judged, as the handbook perhaps suggests?

    Whatever info you can give us about this task would be very helpful.

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    Great question... Hard to really answer

    Looking over the finals scores:
    • 2018
      • 100 points to Cornell
    • 2019
      • none awarded

    I honestly can't remember what Cornell did in 2018 (but I would suggest you look over their paper).

    "The level of the communication and the complexity of the behaviors derived by the communication are what determines the level of the points awarded." It is both.
    • If one sub says, "I'm out", and the other relies, "Great", that would get some points.
    • If one sub says, "Hey I'm over at the bins, why don't you find the random pinger," that should score a lot of the points.