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Executing Autonomous Runs at RoboSub

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  • Executing Autonomous Runs at RoboSub

    I have a question about executing the autonomous runs. We currently do not have WiFi communication with our robot, so we were wondering if we'd be able to lower the robot into the water while still attached to our Ethernet communication tether, run our task script, then disconnect the robot from the tether and let the robot go. Is this fine under the rules of the competition?

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    That method of conducting a run is perfectly fine. in the past, we've had many teams who run a script of some sort on their vehicle with an initial countdown timer. Run the script, have the swimmer disconnect the tether, and point and wait for the script to run.


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      For the last three days we haven’t been allowed to attach our subs to the crane while still connected to a tether. Is this going to change tomorrow?