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    Looking at the current product listings for teledyne's acoustic locators, it seems that all of the products are being discontinued, with limited remaining availability. Is another option being considered for the future so that teams can have the availability to get the hardware the competition uses?

    Product page for reference:

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    Stephen Cronin Thank you for the information, Aamir Qaiyumi and I are aware of this issue.

    I have reached out to Teledyne and though the product line is being discontinued, units in the field will be support to a certain date (which is not currently published). As we do not have the resources to build a whole new pinger system, we will use the current Teledyne pingers for as long as possible.

    During the RoboSub Video Call #1 I mentioned a JW Fishers product (MFP-1) that generates the same frequency (and a little bit more), when compared to the Teledyne units. Providing a link below.

    This might serve as a substitute for the Teledyne units. Thoughts?
    JW Fishers manufactures underwater search equipment - side scan sonar, video cameras, remotely operated vehicles, rov, diver held and boat towed metal detectors, magnetometer, lights, pingers, scanning sonar, pipe tracker, pipe locator, cable locator, and cable tracker.