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What do teams want from 2020/2021 competitions?

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  • What do teams want from 2020/2021 competitions?

    Team Minion here! We would love to open up a discussion from the teams' perspectives on what we would like to see from any virtual portion of the 2020 Maritime RobotX Challenge in December and the 2021 VRX competitions.

    Team Minion is fortunate in that we have been able to continue testing and improving our ASV, following all of our local and university health and safety guidelines. Because of this, we are planning to have a local, public demonstration sometime in December to give some closure to our 2018-2020 competition cycle. We understand that many teams will not be able to do a demonstration in their locations, but we would still love to have an online venue where each team can share their progress and goals during the 2020 cycle. We also realize that this is no small logistic task, as all of the teams are scattered across the world in various time zones - any suggestions on how to do this are welcome! Our main hope with our demonstration and this online venue is to maintain some of the engagement with the community of experts in industry and with students on other teams that comes with the traditional, physical competition, as we believe this to be one of the most valuable aspects of competition.

    We would love to see more engagement and involvement with the 2021 VRX competition, as well. While the educational aspect of competing in VRX is not lost on us, including a tie to publication, the community of experts, and hiring opportunities that the physical RobotX competitions provides would be even more beneficial to the students on every VRX team.

    In respect to the other aspects of the VRX competition, here are some of the things we would like to see from the 2021 VRX competition in order to make it more useful for teams planning to compete in the 2022 physical competition:

    Having tasks strung together to mimic physical competition
    Adding an acoustic beacon task
    Adding a racquetball simulation
    Having the competition more accessible for teams that don't use ROS/Linux, as much of our involvement in the competition was figuring out how to interface between the VRX competition and our current software suite
    Removing limitations/restrictions on the sensor suite allowed in competition so that we can have a sensor suite that matches the setup we have on our ASV, or as close as reasonably possible

    What would you all like to see from the 2020/2021 competitions?

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    JamieB Thank you for taking the time to start this great discussion.

    I hope other RobotX teams are able to provide some feedback to team Minion's approach. If not, you are welcome to provide a different approach that may stem from your team's perspective and experience.