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Powering hyper-spectral camera on Drone

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  • Powering hyper-spectral camera on Drone

    Powering the Hyperspectral camera over POE seems like an incredibly inefficient solution for the drone (somehow supplying 24-48v to an injector of x weight). There is a GPIO on the camera for 12-24v but the connector for it (NSHR-08V-S) is difficult to buy premade with inserts unless bought from the Lucid Vision store at a rate of $10 per cable and then $50 flat-rate shipping.

    How have you guys gone about powering the HSI camera? If using a POE injector which one were you able to use? and if using the GPIO interface did you purchase from LUCID or were you able to find the correct inserts/parts to make it yourself?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance - Eesh
    Team Inspiration

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    Ended up purchasing the connector (NSHR-08V-S) from Digikey and found the inserts (SSHL-003T-P0.2) on Newark. Was able to successfully make a power cable with a little bit of finicking since I didn't have a crimping tool on hand. What I did was solder the crimps to the cable and then crimped down on that using a pair of pliers so that it fit within the connector's hole.

    Hope this helps someone else....