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Wireless e stop emergency system

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  • Wireless e stop emergency system

    Good afternoon everyone!
    I am trying to find a wireless e stop emergency system(i mean the receiver and transmitter required) The range of adequate operation is like 600m or 1900 feet. Here from Peru its becoming hard to adquire these products. Do any of you have a store where you have bought ? any link or something, thank you!​

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    I can't speak to availability in Peru, but we've been working with a BattleSwitch(, should be compatible with any standard R/C transmitter and receiver.


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      We created an eStop system out of two Arduinos and two LoRa transmitter/receiver shields with a small relay on the receiver, powered by USB powerbanks. We 3D printed a small box for each. Took about a day to test and integrate, (although the cases took a bit longer to print), and the LoRa shields and Arduino Unos I could pick up at a local electronics store.