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  • Docker Tutorials and files on Dockerhub

    I was going through the tutorials on the VRX GitHub to start getting my computer set up with 20.04 and Noetic for the first time. I noticed that the setup tutorial for System Setup Docker on the page posted below just brings it back to the home page, and the VRX repository link on that same page is empty. Is the docker information coming closer to the hello world date or did I just miss another link somewhere?

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    Hi Daniel,

    Glad to hear you are getting started! For instructions on setting up your machine for the first time, use the System Setup Tutorial and follow the instructions / links for using Docker if that's your preferred approach.

    We are still doing some cleanup of the Wiki. Everything that's reachable using the sidebar menu or by following links from the home page should work, but there are still some old orphan pages hanging around that you might be able to get to using the search function or the big list of all pages. The page you posted is one of them. These will either go away or get updated soon.

    If you are trying to do something that requires a tutorial that isn't updated yet or isn't working let me know. We can try to prioritize it.



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      Hi Michael,
      Thanks for the fast response! I don't know how I ended up on the previous page but the link you provided has all of the information I was looking for.
      Thanks so much!