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Difference in Task 1-6 and phase 1-3 in VRX 2022

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  • Difference in Task 1-6 and phase 1-3 in VRX 2022

    For VRX 2022 competition, do we need to complete phases 1-3 or tasks 1-6 in order to qualify? What's the importance of phases 1-3 and tasks 1-6 in the competition?

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    Hi! Thanks for the question. The best place to get all the details about this is the VRX Task Description document. You can find the latest version at The phases are described in section 3.

    That said, the quick answer is that you need to complete each phase to move to the next phase. So, you need to complete phase 1 to get to phase 2, and phase 2 to get to phase 3. Assuming you want to compete in the finals, you have to complete all 3 phases. Phase 1 just involves submitting a video of the simulation running. Phases 2 and 3 involve submitting your solution to the actual competition tasks (1-6).

    The tasks themselve are the challenges your system will be expected to solve. They are also described in the Task Description document, and tutorials are given on the Wiki at Note that you don't need to have perfect solutions for these to qualify to move on to the next round and you don't even have to solve all of them. As long as you submit something, you qualify. That said, the more tasks that you can complete (and the better your solution is for each), the higher your score is likely to be in phases 2 and 3.


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      Thanks for letting us know this! Thank you