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  • VRX Task 4 Clarifications

    I have a few questions about the wildlife encounter task. I noticed that if you hit the animal during the circulation of it, it will reset the percentage circled. However, are there any penalties for accidentally hitting the animals before or after circulation? Secondly, are we guaranteed that the 10-meter radius around the animals will never intersect? I noticed that the crocodile likes to move around a lot, and sometimes if I don't position it right, it will enter the 10-meter radius of, for example, the platypus, making it impossible to complete all parts of the task.

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    All great questions--thanks!

    First, as the task is written there are no penalties for hitting the animals before or after circulation. In retrospect maybe this incentivizes teams to delicately circle the animal and then run it over on the way to the next one, which is not ideal, but we are not planning to change the rules at this point.

    Second, no, you are not guaranteed that the 10-meter radii around the animals will never intersect. It could be that at some times the crocodile is within 20 meters of another animal. That said, we will design the courses with the intent of making it at least possible to get all available points (e.g. we won't intentionally have the crocodile guard the turtle / platypus) and the example courses provided should be relatively representative of the kinds of situations you can expect to encounter.

    Hope that helps!


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      Thank you so much!


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        I have a follow up question related to the wildlife encounter and avoid task Michael . Will there be more than one of a same animal in the task at a time? Ex. 2 playpus and 1 crocodile, or 2 crocodiles and 1 turtle, etc.


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          Hi Alex,

          Good question, again. Strictly speaking, the rules don't forbid us from using 2 of the same animals (or 3 crocodiles, etc.) but since we have not done this in any of the practice worlds or the phase 2 test worlds, we won't do it in phase 3 either. So you can expect 1 of each animal.



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            Thank you! One more question about the wildlife encounter task. I noticed in the phase2 worlds directory, in, the crocodile and the turtle are always within a small radius of each other. Is it possible to obtain all possible points during this task?